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    I would like to thank Tiffany for saving my back, my shoulders and from tearing out my hair by the roots. So basically, for saving my life. I arrived in Calgary with an 18wheeler full of boxes, and 8000 pounds of stuff, moving into a 720 sq. ft house. I’d retired in late August and moved quickly across Canada back home to enjoy the autumn weather and fulfill my landlord agreement. After unloading and stuffing my rental house full, I was overwhelmed with unpacking. I began the onerous job and after some few days, I could not face another box. That’s when I found Tiffany. With one phone call and a brief conversation, she agreed to come on over that very afternoon and she soon sized up the situation and got to work. Tiffany showed me what she had in mind for a plan of action - tackling one room at a time. She involved me in all decisions. She kept my flagging spirits up as we unpacked box after box. She helped me sort out what to keep and what to discard. She packed up her truck with the empty boxes and hauled them away. She never imposed her opinions on me, and she helped me see what could be discarded, what was extra or unnecessary to living. I got rid of so much “extra baggage”, it felt great. I just wish I had done that before I moved. Over just less than 4 days, everything was unpacked, organized and put away. All the boxes were gone and everything had a place in my new home. What a relief. Thank you so much.





    Have you ever had a day where you really did not want to go to work, for you had so much on the go and your office space was so cluttered, you couldn’t get even your thoughts organize? Well that’s what my work days were like, until I called Tiffany. I never thought I would call a professional organizer, but I knew I needed help. Tiffany was able to be objective with everything that needed to be done – that was my problem… I couldn’t. Everything was important and everything needed to stay in eye sight of me so I knew where it was and when it had to be done next. Having Tiffany come in, access and recommend was the start. Then the work started….4 days later, my work space was cleared and organized. I knew what needed to be done today, tomorrow and the next day and the revenues started coming in...I would like to say thank you Tiffany, for your professionalism, guidance and patience. Yep patience, for there were

    times that I was sure she was wrong and I was right…. It turned out to be the other way around.


    Great job Tiffany and again…Thank You!



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